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Dr. Priti G. Adani


“Adani World School (AWS) is an endeavour that is driven by values, strengthened by ethics and fortified by cherished traditions.”

Dr Priti G. Adani
Chairperson, Adani Foundation

Dr Priti Adani
Ritesh Mehta

Ritesh Mehta


It would not be new if I say, that mankind presently is facing challenging times, owing to the pandemic. There is disappointment, surprise, chaos and confusion all around. However, it is heartening see humanity putting up a brave fight, indomitably, relentlessly.
In the midst of all this, something which has continued is education. Through transition from the real classrooms to virtual ones, education has stood the test of time and has kept up its brave face.

At AWS too, we have kept learning going on the virtual platform; not only did we stop with education; we had competitions, festivals, quiz programmes, workshops, to name a few.

We have been using innovative strategies to foster an environment, conducive to learning. Jodo Gyan method to impart Math has been one such tool to make Math easy and interesting. Hands-on experience for teaching subjects such as PBL ad Science ensure the clarification and retention of concepts. Languages are taught through personal interactions and emphasising on the habit of reading among students.

Moreover, the summer camp we organized this summer, ensured that students engaged in learning besides enjoying their time at home. Also, parents were made a part of the summer camp and their learning enhanced, through Spoken English classes; the journey so far has been a smooth and comfortable one.

As the new academic session proceeds, I look forward to introducing new practices that would be enjoyable, informative and promote learning, besides triggering curiosity among the students. Interesting features and fun days would be introduced to make learning fun.

As I take on the mantle of the school, I look forward to wholehearted cooperation and support from all my parents. Shall we build a partnership that would build successful individuals !!!

AWS is now a Microsoft Aspire certified School.

Microsoft Aspire Certified School

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