Admissions Assessment

Admission Assessment

  • Admissions for pre-primary and primary grades are given on the basis of an informal interaction with the student and the parents. Entrance level worksheets are given to the child, and the child will be assessed on English, Math and Hindi for Grade 5 onwards. Followed by an interaction with the Principal to complete the perquisites for the admission process.
  • Admissions depend on the number of vacancies available in each class.
  • Any requests for other preferential treatment will not be entertained. Only for exceptional cases, the Board of Governors will reserve the right to exercise its discretion in this matter.
  • The student is also required to submit a medical fitness report.


Parents have to submit the application for withdrawal of their child before 7th of the month, failing which the fee will be forfeited.

The transfer certificate and the cheque for the caution deposit will be given only after a month of the admissions department receiving the written request from the parent.

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